Illness versus disability

Does a sick employee always need to stay at home?

Is a person suffering from Diabetes fit for work? Most likely he or she is. On the other hand, if this person needs to be able to work under strenuous conditions for prolonged periods of time in a hot environment?

The difference between a general physician and an Occupational Health physician.

We are aware that most employers, managers and teamleaders do not hold a degree in medicine. So how do you know if a person who is claiming disabilty for work due to illness is actually not fit for work. Could an employee who suffered for example a sprained ankle not perform duties as a desk clerk. Or could this person maybe perform duties that have been adapted in workload and duration?

On the other hand; if a highly motivated staff member who is clearly suffering from a serious flu, but wants to come in anyway to meet some deadlines, is at clear risk of contaminating co-workers, who share the same, small office space, you might want to consider asking this person to stay home and report back in once the symptoms have subsided. 

This is precisely the field an Occupational Health physician specializes in!

Where a family physician will examin the sick employee for signs and symptoms of a disease, an Occupational Health physician will above all try to determine whether or not this illness is causing a disabilty for work.

During their training and education Occupational Health physicians have studied the relations between illness and disability for work. Disability for work does not only depend on the nature and severity of an illness, but also greatly depends on the specific physical and or mental demands of the work itself. It is therefore of the utmost importance that your company doctor is well aware of the nature of your business and is knowledgable on the specific demands your employees need to meet and the conditions that they face in the course of performing their duties.

Your company doctor as part of your team.

At Medwork we make sure that our physicians in charge of evaluating the claim for disability by your staff members know who you are and what the nature of your business is. By visiting your company on a regular basis and by having frequent contact with the team of human resource managers our doctors will know when one of your employees calling in sick is to be considered fit or not-fit for work. 


Introduction Examinations

Upon hiring or when returning to duty Mostly voluntary, but sometimes required by law, a determination whether or not a person is considered to be fit for the job is a good way to prevent possible health and or safety risks for an employee and his or her co-workers. Ideally Occupational Health medical examinations strive to place and maintain employees in an occupational evironment adapted to their physiological and psychological capacities. Whether at the start of a professional career, at peri...


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What is Sick Leave

What is Sick Leave Management? Knowing whether a sick person should stay at home, or can be considered (partially) fit for work, requires the expertise of a physician specialized in the field of Occupational Health. As an employer you are confronted with staff members calling in sick almost on a daily basis. It is normal for people to get sick of course, but how do you prevent your organization from suffering too much from the consequences of absenteism due to illness (both on a financial level...

Why Sick Leave Management?

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Causes of (too much) Sick Leave

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The costs involved in Sick Leave

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Long Term Management

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