2012 - The aging employee... are you prepared?

2013 -Changes in Aruban Labor Regulations. Are you prepared?

Symposia "Changes in Aruban Labor Regulations. Are you prepared?" In 2013 Medwork in cooperation with HBN Law organized 3 symposia elaborating on the changes in the Aruban Labor Regulations. These symposia guided the audience you through the legal changes and provided them with views from guest speakers on the effects of this overhaul of our Labor Regulations. Below you will find the contents of the 3 symposia organized by Medwork in 2013. A business symposium for directors an...

2011 - Tools for the next level

2010 - Achieving higher goals for your Corporate Health

Craving Change three-day training at University of Aruba

Craving Change three-day training at University of Aruba The University of Aruba is organizing an interesting three-days training with the purpose to create more awareness, recognize patterns and break through patterns. But also to reform and personalize your personal way of life. It starts with goals and this training aims to help you achieve your goals.


Overview of the Medwork seminars The mere thought of a business training session is likely to produce the following four-letter-word: "YAWN!" ..... However, when you attend a Medwork seminar, expect to be motivated, energized and ready to go back to work applying a new technique you just learned. Business people can gain valuable knowledge at seminars. Whatever the topic, you can learn what you need to help your business by attending the right seminar. The motivational aspect of seminars can bri...

People Management Seminar 2017

Another succesfull gathering of Human Resource Managers and Business Owners on saturday the 8th of April, where once again, the Aruba Trade & Industry Association (ATIA) in collaboration with Medwork organized the highly appreciated annual People Management Seminar.