Obtaining a Doctor's Note (Carta di AO)

Medwork, HAVA and SVB would like to inform the community about the process of obtaining a doctor’s note or ‘carta di AO’. It is not possible to acquire a doctor’s note/‘carta di AO’/doktersbrief through your general practitioner (huisarts). This is only possible through SVB or Medwork.

Important information regarding the doctor’s note/‘carta di AO’/doktersbrief at Medwork:

  • Please note that only companies that are a client of Medwork can send their employees to obtain a doctor’s note/‘carta di AO’/doktersbrief. Medwork does not provide a doctor’s note/‘carta di AO’/doktersbrief to employees, so called ‘walk-ins’, whose company is not a client of Medwork.
  • Companies who wish to become a client of Medwork please send an email to info@medwork.aw for further information.

Informacion importante tocante e AO brief:

  • Por fabor nota cu por obtene un AO brief solamente si e compania di e empleado ta un cliente di Medwork. Medwork no ta duna un carta di AO na empleado di compania cu no ta cliente di Medwork, yama 'walk-ins'.
  • Compania cu ta interesa den bira cliente di Medwork por manda un email na info@medwork.aw pa mas informacion.

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