Electronic PME

The Electronic Preventive Medical Examination (E-PME)

In addition to the PME that is carried out by a company doctor, we have made it also available in a digital version; the E-PME. The standardized questionnaire is presented in digital form to your employees and this form of basic PME does not require a visit to the company doctor. The system is set up in such a way that it can indicate the risk factors by means of a number of built-in 'flags' and the employee will immediately receive personal advice by a reply email. What is particularly interesting for you as an employer is that with this digital tool we can generate a very clear overview for you, from which you will be able to determine at a glance where the greatest health risks are within your organization and where you can best prioritize when establishing a multi-year health policy for your business.

The report

When a number of PMEs for different employees have been carried out for your company, you will receive a report in which you can clearly find the results for the total group of employees. A certain number of PMEs will then have to be carried out (30 or more). A smaller number, despite the anonymization of the report, would be too easy to trace who, for example, is at increased risk for a particular part.

The results will be given per category (see categories here). The results of your PMEs will be compared with the general public health (Do your employees score above average on blood pressure, for example?) And we will compare your results with other organizations in your industry (Is the lifestyle of my hotel employees worse than that of other hotels?). If you have indicated in advance that you would like to divide your company into different departments, the results will also show in which department a certain risk is increased (Do my front desk employees experience more stress than my managers?).

Our advice

In the report drawn up for you, we will not only indicate how great the risks are for the different categories, but we will also indicate what you think is the best priority for us. As soon as your final report is ready, the company doctor will contact you and present the report to you and provide further text and explanation of the various risks identified.


Are you interested and would you like to know more about the PME or would you like to have a PME carried out for your employees? Please feel free to contact us and one of our advisors will contact you shortly to make an appointment.

Please send your request to: info@medwork.aw

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