Training and Education

Medworks’ Training Courses and Educational Programs

Medwork offers a wide selection of training courses and educational programs. From education on leadership level to basic training at employee level, our programs are available for all levels within an organization.

During the course of each career, whether at the highest level of leadership or at the level of a trainee who has just started work, training and educational moments are vital to an individual’s proffesional and personal development. Medwork understands that education is primary in developing and growing any succesful business.

Professional development entails skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement and the Medwork training and education program offers tailor made education for employers at any level within your organization.


A training for managers and superiors on managing sick leave

Do you ever get frustrated with workers who call in sick too often? Or are you more concerned about sick people who DON’T stay at home and spread illness to other workers? This training will teach you how to best address these situations.

What do you do if an employee calls in sick repeatedly? Do you immediately send this employee to your company doctor, do you wait, or are you going to talk to the employee yourself? 

Sick leave management is a joint responsibility of employer and employee, where the company doctor takes care of the (medical) assessment, support and advice.

Having a conversation about sick leave is not easy, but as a manager it belongs to your job responsibilities. In practice, however, it remains difficult to raise this topic. How to address this topic in the right way; that is the focus of this training.

  • Main aspects of the training are: General information on sick leave, including the role of manager/company doctor and the position of the employee
  • Positive effects of reducing absence from work
  • A practical on-site training.

During the course of this training you will learn how to correctly address an employee and how to perform such a conversation in the desired format. During the training you will be confronted with various scenarios and case studies. Our trainers will provide you with helpful tips and useful feedback to learn how to handle these ,sometimes, difficult situations.

The training consists of a one time 2.5 hour session, and is held by an occupational health physician and a psychologist of Medwork. Together they will guide and train you in conducting conversations about sick leave with your employees. To ensure maximum efficiency of your training and to guarentee that you will recieve all the personal attention you need, the participation for these trainings will be limited to 12 participants. Actual case studies of situations from within your own organization and the various interview techniques are central and practicing these kind of sickleave conversations are key subject during the training. Our team of professionals will be your hands-on coaches, making sure you will be able to put into practice what you have learned during the course of the training.

Trainings can be held at our Medwork offices or can be organized on the premises of your own company.

Stress Management Training

This training is designed as one of many tools for improving and supporting mental health. Additionally it has been shown that employees who know how to deal with stress are more productive, call in sick less and greatly contribute to a greater job satisfaction of other employees. 

Understanding stress

A stress conscious Work Environment is an essential part for having and reaching a healthy work environment with a workforce which is not afraid of talking about problems and stressors at work.

Objectives and topics of the training include:

•Raise awareness on the concept of stress as whole. It is proven that when people understand
something better they are better equipped to recognize it and tackle it when needed.

•Provide mental and behavioral tools for dealing with stress

•Evolution of the term stress

•The effects of stress on our mind & bodies

•How to protect ourselves against stress

•Factors that make us more prone to the negative effects

•And coping strategies

Organizations that provide support and recognitions of stressors have workers that show better evolution of symptoms therefore making it a discussable topic at your company by holding such a lecture is the first step in tackling the problem. 

If you are interested in an in house training for your management, please contact us for more information.

Flu prevention training

We should be more afraid of ourselves than of a person sneezing or showing other symptoms of a viral infection. In most cases we contaminate ourselves by touching our mouth, nose or eyes with fingers that contacted a contaminated surface.

To prevent is better than to cure. A statement often heard, but unfortunately not put into practice often enough. Every year during the flu season at Medwork we see sick leave numbers on the rise for almost all companies enrolled in our Sick Leave Management program. An employee suffering the flu will usually be away from work for a period of three up to seven days and often more than one person within the same department will become ill at the same time. The Medwork flu prevention training is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to prevent a seasonal flu from having a serious impact on the productivity of your workforce.

Flu versus cold

Anybody can get contaminated with a virus and a person’s physical health and the vitality of this person’s immune system will determine whether or not he or she will get sick. A cold usually presents itself as a combination of symptoms causing mild discomfort and normally an employee suffering a cold is able to keep performing his or her duties for your company.  A flu however is more severe and will impair an employee from performing duties for a period of time.

A flu is a flu

Every few years the world is gripped by the fear of a pandemic flu threat. The ‘normal’ seasonal flu however, is just as dangerous and just as responsible for fatalities. Every year tens of thousands of people in the United States alone die from the consequences of a seasonal flu.

Productivity versus prevention

One of the simplest measures to take in the workplace is to ask employees who are suffering a flu and are at clear risk of contaminating co-workers to stay home until symptoms subside. This may sound bad for the productivity of your working force, but it’s still one of the best ways to prevent co-workers from contaminating each other, leading to several sick people in the same department at the same time.

Who contaminates who?

We should be more afraid of ourselves than of a person sneezing or showing other symptoms of a viral infection. In most cases we contaminate ourselves by touching our mouth, nose or eyes with fingers that contacted a contaminated surface. Grabbing hold of a shopping cart is clearly more dangerous than a sick person sitting 10 feet away from you.

The Flu Prevention Training

The training is a one hour lecture suitable for all staff members within your company. Especially employees who fear that their frequent contact with customers puts them at greater risk of being contaminated will greatly benefit from this easy to understand program.

Apart from taking away many of the myths and fears about contamination, this training will contain information on:

  • Difference between cold and flu
  • How contamination works
  • Latest updates in event of pandemic threat
  • Correct use of protection materials
  • Desinfection tips
  • Tips for boosting immune system

Flu prevention plan

The flu prevention training for your employees is part of the flu prevention plan. Besides offering trainings Medwork is able to provide you with flu information on a managerial level. Feel free to contact us if you want to set up a flu prevention plan for your company.

For more information on the flu prevention training or the flu prevention plan please contact us at +297 587 8880.

Learning how to create a Healthy Work Environment

Healthy, content and happy employees are more productive, call in sick less and greatly contribute to a greater job satisfaction of other employees. But how do you create the right work environment to create and maintain job satisfaction?

A training for managers, business owners and supervisors

A Healthy Work Environment (HWE) is not only vital for the overall health of your employees, but also for the succesful recruitment and retention of employees as well as for the quality and safety of an organizations’ core business. 

Such Healthy Work Environments are characterized by:

  • A high level of trust between management and employees
  • Employees who treat each other in a respectful manner
  • These environments are healing and empowering and have been correlated with employee engagement and organizational commitment
  • Their organizational culture supports skilled communication and collaboration
  • Healthy Work Environments offer a climate in which employees feel emotionally and physically safe.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment is yet another way of investing in your company’s main asset; its’ working force.

If you are interested in an in house training for your management, please contact us for more information.

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Workplace Examination

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