Occupational Health Psychology

For mental health and well-being

Our Occupational Health Psychology services explore interventions targeting employees as well as work environments, to create healthier employees, workplaces & organizations, while protecting employee’s health and maximizing their overall effectiveness.

Occupational Health Psychology

There is a broad range of situations and mechanisms that effect the quality of an emloyee’s working life and his or her responses thereto. These include:

  • Coping skills
  • Personal attributes
  • Job contentment
  • Habits
  • Organizational policies and practices
  • Even economical and political environment in which organizations operate.

Medwork’s Occupational Health Psychology services target employees as well as work environments with a view to creating healthier employees, workplaces, and organizations as a whole while protecting the employee’s health and maximizing their overall effectiveness.

Why make use of Occupational Health Psychology?

Any investment in your workforce is a wise investment, and by providing your employees with psychological assistance when needed, you manifest this fact to them.

It is important to assist employees in times of personal hardship in general, but especially when such hardship may affect their work performance, work attitude and/or saftey at work. It has been shown that this situation affects not only their own well-being, but that of their direct and indirect colleagues as well.

Besides traditional one-on-one sessions with the Occupational Health Psychologist, trainings and seminars can also be held to provide a better understanding of any situation that may pose a threat to mental health at work. 

When to make use of Occupational Health Psychology?

It is wise to make use of Occupational Health Psychology when:

  • You wish to create a caring, low-absenteeism, health-concious, and employee friendly atmosphere
  • You wish to reduce work-related accidents and conflicts in your organization
  • When occupational hazards and health-related threats occur or are lurking, such as robbery
  • When an employee passes away and people need assistance in the bereavement process
  • When there are managerial shifts, mergers and/or reorganizations within your company.

Preventive consultation

When an employer is under the impression that an employee’s problems are of an emotional nature, a preventive consultation with our Occupational Health Psychologist could be an option. For most of our clients, these preventive consulttations are included in their Sickleave Management contract.

What can I expect?

When our company doctor identifies an employee as having emotional disturbances, the employer is requested to allow an intake session with our Occupational Health Psychologist. Intake sessions are used to evaluate an employee’s current problem/complaint/symptom and to evaluate if further psychological sessions are required. An estimate of the amount of sessions needed will be given.


All one-on-one and other types of consultations are private. Safeguarding an employee’s privacy is of utmost importance to Medwork.

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