COVID-19/CoronaVirus Medwork Call-in Protocol

We hereby would like to inform our clients that we take the health and protection of our own employees as well as your employees very serious, and thus will not be conducting ANY physical consults at this time. All consults will be done by phone by a company doctor. This precautionary measure is effective immediatly and will be in effect until further notice. 

  1. Employees that are responsible to call in sick directly to Medwork should call our main phone line +297 5878880 and follow instructions for the planning of a phone consult.

  2. If the employees calls in sick thru HR/Arbo Coordinator, the HR/Arbo Coordinator will inform Medwork of this and a phone consult will be planned in.

  3. During the phone consultation: Should an employee have any COVID-19 symptoms the attending company doctor will assess whether the symptoms meet the established criteria of a suspect case. If the symptoms meet the established case definition, the company doctor will have to inform the COVID-19 Diagnostic Center set-up by the Department of Public Health. The company doctor will provide the Diagnostic Center with the name and a phone/mobile number of the employee.

  4. The employee will be called by the Diagnostic Center for a COVID-19 test. In the meantime the employee can contact his/her General Practioner (‘dokter di cas’) by phone. The General Practioner will provide the employee with further instructions.

  5. With regard to the employee with COVID-19 symptoms going thru the test procedure at the Diagnostic Center the company doctor will provide the necessary AO-days thru the Dagrapport. Take notice of the SVb COVID-19 reporting procedures. 
  6. All sickleaves with other symtoms than COVID-19 will also be done by phone by the company doctor. The company will get a Dagrapport as usual by mail with the result of this consultation.

  7. Employees that have an appointments already planned at Medwork for the upcoming days/weeks, please call +297 5878880 for instructions on this.