Detect your Vulnerable Co-Workers with the 'e-Screener'

Vulnerable co-Workers are not more susceptible for catching a virus, but they are at higher risk of developing serious complications once they are infected. This is why DVG advises to take extra good care of this group of co-workers and take extra precautionary measures at work if necessary.
Privacy laws forbid you to ask private medical information from your co-workers and DVG has indicated that basically it is not the intention for a doctor (Family Physician, Specialist, SVb or Medwork) to provide written statements that identify a co-worker as being vulnerable.

For this purpose Medwork has developed a software application called the ‘eScreener’ that will help your co-workers identify themselves as possible Vulnerable co-Worker:

As an employer you will receive a clear overview of how many Vulnerable co-Workers there are within your company and how they are divided between the different departments.

Medwork will provide you with the latest guidelines on which extra precautionary measures you will need to take for your group of Vulnerable co-Workers.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about how Medwork is able to help you identify your Vulnerable co-Workers and about which precautionary measures to take for this group of workers? Then please send your request for more information to: