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Medwork Caribbean N.V. (Aruba) en Corporate Health Solutions B.V. (Bonaire, Caribisch Nederland) hebben onlangs de ziektecontrole op de BES-eilanden, Bonaire, Saba en Sint Eustatius op zich genomen.

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If you send your employee to be hired to Medwork for a DBZ medical examination, we will coordinate all necessary medical examinations (X-ray and/or Laboratory) and hand deliver the doctors declaration in a swift and efficient way directly to DBZ.

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The main asset of every company is its workforce. It is an understatement that success is a combination of leadership at the top and the ability of this workforce to perform its tasks. Management is often confronted with the psychological and physical aspects of work, work conditions and the fitness of the organization. At Medwork we understand the relationship between profitability, leadership and workforce. Through an integral view on Occupational Health, it is our goal to support you and your company by managing the psychological and physical aspects of well-being for workers in their...

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