DVG's Requirements - Business measures COVID-19

With the down scaling of the current measures according to the Ministerial Regulation AB 1989 No. 62 General regulation combating COVID-19 (such as shutdown, curfew, lockdown) it is essential that everyone abides by the preventive measures in relation to social distancing and hygiene. For this, there are minimum requirements that have been set up by the Public Health Department (DVG). These are valid for everyone and there will be compliance checks. 

Enforcement of all measures is the responsibility of each employer and will be controlled by a taskforce. During a control the taskforce will verify whether the measures are adhered to. In case of non-compliance the employer in questions will be ordered to close their establishment according to the above mentioned laws and regulations. 

Please find here the guidelines in Papiamento, Dutch, English or Spanish. 

E Normal Nobo PA.pdf

E Normal Nobo NL.pdf

E Normal Nobo ENG.pdf

E Normal Nobo SP.pdf

Does you company need any help in realizing these measurements, please request this by sending an email to info@medwork.aw and we will contact you as soon as possible.