Medwork Advice, even at the highest level

Whether you are two individuals trying to resolve a dispute or a government wanting to reform it’s entire healthcare system, Medwork offers advice, guidance and support at any level.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Get rid of the on the solution Mediation is an alternative and effective form of dispute resolution. Mediation can help you and the other party find a solution for your conflict by exploring the interests of the disputants. Conflict within the company regarding the collaboration among employees? Argument with your supplier about the delivered service or product? Dispute over the future of your family business? Or a dispute among shareholders? Most probably you want to get rid...

Healthcare Reform

Financial, operational and managerial consulting services Healthcare is a complex system with many stakeholders. The need for healthcare is endless and the financial means to finance those needs are limited. Public Finance Public finance is profoundly impacted by: Pressures surfacing in the Caribbean Unfunded entitlement payments Demographic imbalances caused by an aging population and lowered fertility rates Persistent rise of chronic diseases - including patients with multiple...