Healthcare Reform

Financial, operational and managerial consulting services

Healthcare is a complex system with many stakeholders. The need for healthcare is endless and the financial means to finance those needs are limited.

Public Finance

Public finance is profoundly impacted by:

  • Pressures surfacing in the Caribbean
  • Unfunded entitlement payments
  • Demographic imbalances caused by an aging population and lowered fertility rates
  • Persistent rise of chronic diseases - including patients with multiple medical conditions

The demographic imbalances mentioned above lead to an issue of change in the dependency ratio - ratio of workers relative to pensioners.

Rising healthcare expenditures as percentage of GDP is a reality many countries have to deal with, putting stress on healthcare and social security systems.

Healthcare costs are also driven by policy choices and supply-side factors. Factors such as increasing use of new medical technology; new treatments and drugs, and rising costs of healthcare providers have a significant impact on healthcare spending.

Medwork advice

Medwork has assisted clients in the healthcare industry - governments and government agencies in the Caribbean - with the development and implementation of healthcare reforms and healthcare reform programs.

A fair stakeholders’ analysis is the start of any healthcare reform. Medwork provides financial, operational and managerial consulting services.

Medwork believes all must benefit from an effective and efficient delivery of healthcare. Together with our network partners we are able to deliver tailor made solutions and advice to our clients.

Keywords for our advisory service are:

  • Healthcare system reform and implementation
  • Project management healthcare reform programs
  • Restructuring healthcare provider payment systems
  • Negotiations with healthcare providers on remuneration (systems)
  • Re-engeneering of social security systems
  • Structuring of procurement of pharmaceuticals


Medwork Advice, even at the highest level Whether you are two individuals trying to resolve a dispute or a government wanting to reform it’s entire healthcare system, Medwork offers advice, guidance and support at any level.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

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