Resuming work responsibly

Especially if an employee has been away from work for a prolonged period of time, being 100% fit does not automatically mean you are also 100% fit for work.


An employee that has been absent from work due to illness for a prolonged period of time will sooner or later have to try to start work again. The process of returning back to the job in a responsible, safe and healthy way is called re-integration.

Sometimes re-integration of an employee that has been sick or was involved in an accident can be possible with the current employer, but sometimes it is necessary to find a suitable (adapted job) withinn an other organization.

 A Physician licensed in Occupational Health or Insurance Medicine will draft a list of remaining capabilities of the employee and will determine whether the employee should still bbe able to perform his or her original duties in the original job, or if adaptations need to be made to job-content and workload. This is documented in a report that is sent to the employer together with an advice on re-integration for the involved employee. 

In cases where it is difficult for the employer to ’translate’ this description of remaining capabilities into a suitable job or function, the intervention of a registered Occupational Health Expert may be needed. The expert will set up a list of remaining disabilities and together with employee and employer will evaluate the possibilities for an adapted function within the current company. 

Cancer and Work

People who are diagnosed with cancer often disappear from the scene for extended periods of time. Given that treatment of this life-threatening disease has improved in recent years, (former) patients are increasingly returning to the work floor. Many of them will suffer after-effects from the disease, including fatigue and depression, but also incomprehension from colleagues or supervisors. An occupational physician should be called in to translate the oncologist’s advice into an appropriate work situation. To ensure full rehabilitation and effective after-care, it is important to factor in a person’s labor and work duties and provide the necessary counseling in these areas. It proves difficult for employers and employees to talk about the best way to adapt the work. In practice, the disease turns out to be an emotionally charged subject that people have a hard time talking about. Rehabilitation may take quite a while, and some employees will hardly start to feel better for a long time. In addition, a former patient may be hit again by the same disease, an experience that is both uncomfortable and complicated.

The oncologist and the oncological physician will see to it that medical therapy, radiation, or chemotherapy is provided. The occupational physicist will assess together with the patient what the disease means for his or her (future) acceptable workload. Patients want to know what options they have to continue working during treatment. It is up to the occupational physician to determine the type of work the employee is able to perform. An increasing number of people are surviving the disease and are able to resume their former lives. In the past, most of them would not consider going back to work. Today, a person with cancer has a great chance of returning into society and onto the work floor. In such cases, a key question will be: "How do I pick up the threads?" The occupational physicist will help these people to continue performing as best they can. Medwork helps patients cope with fatigue and insecurity about their own bodies, but also with practical matters, such as legislation on reintegration.


When you are in need of expert advice Insurance Medicine is directed to problems relating to permanent invalidity, long-term or permanent disability, and loss of wages. What are the consequences for your company in the event of (permanent) disability? What about the social insurance contributions? Our expert advice and guidance include re-examinations, reintegration trajectory advice, and claim assessments.

Medical Examinations

You cannot judge a book by its’ cover Getting the facts on the physical and mental health of your working force will prove to be indispensable when designing a plan of approach for creating a healthy and safe workplace. It is no secret that many diseases and illnesses will remain asymptomatic for prolonged periods of time. Once first symptoms emerge, the disaese unfortunately has often already evolved into more a more serious condition. Conditions such as; high bloodpressure, raised levels of Ch...

Personal Injury

Accidents do unfortunately happen An injury not to property, but to the body, mind, or emotions. For example, if you slip and fall on a banana peel in the grocery store, personal injury covers any actual physical harm (broken leg and bruises) you suffered in the fall as well as the humiliation of falling in public, but not the harm of shattering your watch. The Medwork approach to personal injury The Medwork team of experts consists of Occupational Health and Insurance Medicine Physicians, Occup...

Function Ability Evaluation

Function Ability Evaluation Still able to perform? Is an employee who has been away for prolonged period of time and wants to return to work still able to perform all of his or her original duties? What to do if an employee wants to return to work after having been away for an extended period of time due to illness and you are wondering if the employee is still able to perform his or her original duties? What if an employee was involved in an accident that has left him or her with permanent phys...

Claim Assessment

Permanent impairment? Evaluation of Permanent Impairment according to the standard of the American Medical Association (AMA). Injury damage assessments, calculations invalidity percentage, compensation assessment. Calculation of damage arising from a work accident or occupational disease Every year work accidents happen in Aruba. Such accidents can result in permanent injury, and in some cases, victims die. In addition, people could die every year as a result of occupational diseases. It goes wi...

Life Insurance and Mortgage Examinations

Making sure risks are covered Examinations performed for insurance companies regarding mortgage, life insurance and/or pension applications. Insurance-related examinations It is often necessary to undergo an insurance-related examination for the purpose of closing a life insurance or disability insurance policy. In the case of insurance-related examinations the examining doctor will evaluate potential risk factors, which are then reported to the relevant insurance company. 

Certified Professionals

Licenced to Examine, Evaluate and Conclude In situations where legal and financial consequences are lurking it is important to have the right experts by your side. Experts that have been trained and licensed by acknowledged Universities and Colleges and that are registered with reputable organizations. Medwork physicians are registered with the Dutch register for Individual Healthcare Professionals (Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg) known as B.I.G. Our physicians are licensed in Occupa...

Re-Examination / Herkeuring (VA/AD)

The Occupational Health Physician  - Occupational Health Expert Re-examination It could so happen that you are asking yourself whether an employee can still be considered capable to fulfill his or her duties. This could be the case when an employee has not been able to work for quite some time due to illness or when a final medical state has been reached. In such a case you can ask Medwork to re-examine your employee. Right to receive sick-pay or accident-pay On Aruba the national decrees allow...

Capacity Assessment

Capacity Assessment Determining the permanent limitations First step in a re-examination process is the determination of remaining capacities or permanent disability by a licensed Physician in Occupational Health or Insurance Medicine. Getting the advice from an expert It is important to realize that these kind of evaluations can only be performed by a licensed Physician in Occupational Health or Insurance Medicine. How does it work? In preparation for the actual re-examination all necessary dat...